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Pharmacist 360 works with people on complicated medication regimes, and specializes in medications for older adults. As we age, our bodies change how we absorb, distribute, metabolize and eliminate medications. An individual’s genes, history, lifestyle and many other factors all play a part in a person’s health equation. Pharmacist 360 spends one-on-one time with clients to listen to their concerns and goals and understand what is important to them. This personalized care, along with assuring that medications are safe, effective, and appropriate, helps clients live a better, more active, and independent life.


In-person or telehealth visit to learn about your medication situation and your main concerns


Medication review for safety, effectiveness, appropriateness


Written report and discussion of the findings with you 


Communication with providers (with your consent) as needed


Follow-up and maintenance visits

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Education and Training

  • Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist since 2017
  • Doctor of Pharmacy – Washington State University
  • Bachelor of Science in General Medical Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, Spanish

State Pharmacist Licenses


Get to Know Your Pharmacist

Stephanie Paugh, founder of Pharmacist 360, PLLC, has a focus on improving the well-being of older adults through medication assessment and management. She has always enjoyed the company of elders, and has been involved with supporting this age group in a wide range of ways. The more Stephanie studied medications, the more she identified various challenges and lifestyle impacts medications can bring as people age.  

Stephanie was born and raised in Montana, moved to Washington state, and earned a Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy at Washington State University to start her career as a pharmacist. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with clients and patients from a variety of environments and cultures – urban (New York City) and rural (Toppenish, Washington): in home settings, hospital and clinic pharmacies, and researching and educating with a quality improvement organization for older adults. Stephanie also volunteered for five years as an emergency medical technician with a fire department.

Her experiences have culminated in a career focusing on improving the lives of older adults in our communities. Stephanie now lives back in Montana where she enjoys abundant support that allows her to embrace this emerging pharmacist role.

Outside of pharmacy, Stephanie relishes both watching and participating in sports – with running as her mainstay. Her family’s ranching operation calls her to duty as the occasion requires, and she also loves to cook and travel.