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The goal of our pharmacist consultation is to optimize effectiveness, safety, and confidence in the participants’ medical regimes. This is done in a person-centered way, always considering what matters most to the patient. Pharmacist 360 specializes in working with older adults living independently.

Pharmacist 360 provides person-centered care tailored to each individual’s medical history, ongoing health issues, lifestyle, and challenges with a focus on education and clarity to maximize both quality of life and quality of care.   

Through a meticulous medication regimen analysis, Pharmacist 360 addresses medication interactions, identifies adverse medication effects, and educates in best practices for taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications, especially for older adults.  The pharmacist may recommend more appropriate choices, including discontinuation of unnecessary medications.

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At Pharmacist 360, pharmacist will spend one-on-one time with participants to learn more about you, understand your concerns, and provide a medication management service that’s right for you.  


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The face behind Pharmacist 360

Dr. Stephanie Paugh

Stephanie Paugh is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, and owner of Pharmacist 360, PLLC. She was inspired to specialize in medications with older adults after years of witnessing significant improvements in their lives through medication management.